Halifax PPI Claims Guide

Halifax PPI Claims

The Halifax payment protection insurance (PPI) scandal reaches back to the early 1990s and continues to make headlines and impact borrowers today. But for you right now, the important questions are:

  • Were you mis-sold Halifax PPI?
  • Are you entitled to compensation through a Halifax PPI claim?

The answers to those questions are crucial because many borrowers today are discovering that they have paid thousands of pounds for the PPI. In some cases, the cost of the PPI has been almost as much as the borrowed amount!

As we at  Claimspower to help you answer those questions, a little background is in order. Many borrowers may not even be familiar with what PPI is—and that’s one of the reasons banks are being deluged by borrowers who have mis-sold this insurance. In fact, many who were sold Halifax PPI and paid very dearly for it never knew that it was part of the loan they were getting. However, that is only one of the ways this PPI was mis-sold.

PPI Basics

Payment protection insurance is designed to take over payments on a loan in some instances when borrowers are unable to make the payments themselves, when they become unemployed or ill, for example. In the case of the mis-sold Halifax PPI, the insurance was sold to cover a variety of loans. Halifax mortgage PPI is also known as its Total Mortgage Protection Plan. Also mis-sold were Halifax credit card PPI and general loan PPI.

If you have taken out any of these kinds of loans, there is a chance that you were mis-sold Halifax PPI and at Claimspower we can certainly help you. Above we mentioned one way that salespeople mis-sold the PPI, but it certainly was not the only way this occurred.

How Halifax PPI was mis-sold

Some borrowers did not even know that they were purchasing Halifax PPI when they signed their loan papers. This is because some loan agreements had boxes that were pre-ticked to automatically include the insurance—borrowers had to opt-out of the PPI rather than opt-in! This is a case where it was not made clear to the borrower that the PPI was, in fact, optional.

In many cases, the salespeople made borrowers feel that PPI was compulsory. Often they were pushy, making borrowers believe that they could not refuse the insurance. Other salespeople said or implied that the loan would be more expensive without the PPI.

In some instances, borrowers were made to feel that they would not qualify if they did not accept the PPI, or that the loan application process would be stopped if the borrower did not agree to the insurance.

These examples generally involve borrowers being pressured or tricked into buying the insurance. However, there are also more subtle ways the PPI was mis-sold and at Claimspower we can help you through that. 

Don’t Go It Alone

The overwhelming volume of claims and the banks’ desire to deny or reduce compensation has created a difficult situation for borrowers. You do not need to use a claims management company to make your complaint to your bank and if your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free. However, if you would like an experienced and dedicated service that Claimspower can offer then please get in touch with us now. Claimspower is a highly experienced claims management service owned by Brownstar Ltd that will work tirelessly for all your claims. If you had Halifax PPI for a loan, credit card or mortgage anytime between 1988 to 2014 and suspect or know you were paying for PPI, please contact us immediately. For all our clients we assign a dedicated claims manager who makes the process easy for you—there’s no paperwork required. Your claims manager will tell you if you have been mis-sold, so you no longer have any doubt about where you stand. No Paperwork – No paperwork is required in order to perform the search, however, if you have any documents that support PPI policy on your account then please provide this information as this will enable us to fast track your claim.

Now is the Time to Act

Finally, we think you must know one more fact as you make your decision, the deadline to submit the claim is 29 August 2019 after that it will be too late. This just demonstrates the urgency of making your claim now, contact us today and let us fight your claim. You can rest assured that your Halifax PPI claim will receive the personal attention and advocacy that it both deserves and requires. Get the ball rolling all you have to do is complete them

Simply fill out the contact form below and one of our experts will contact you and give you all the information you need. Or if you have 10 minutes to spare why not complete our secure online PPI claim form and speed up your claim by up to 3 weeks.

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