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Halifax PPI Credit card

Halifax PPI Credit Cards

Halifax PPI – Credit Card If you have, or have ever had, a credit card from the Halifax you are probably paying PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) and you may be paying quite a lot of it. Along with most of the banks, the Halifax has mis-sold PPI for years – at least since 1995. The term “mis-sold” can mean anything…

Halifax Mortgage PPI

Halifax Mortgage PPI Claim Guide

Halifax Mortgage PPI You might think that everyone with a valid PPI claim has already been compensated. After all, it has been in the news for some years now and surely lenders have contacted everyone who was affected. But guess what? The compensation payments made so far are only the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of people who…

Was I mis-sold-ppi from the Halifax?

Was I Mis-sold PPI from the Halifax

Was I Mis-sold PPI from the Halifax? If you have to ask yourself the question “Was I mis-sold PPI from the Halifax?” the short answer is that you most likely were mis-sold your PPI policy. Along with many other banks and building societies, the Halifax has been mis-selling PPI to customers taking out loans and mortgages since the early 1990’s…