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Halifax Mortgage PPI

Halifax Mortgage PPI

You might think that everyone with a valid PPI claim has already been compensated. After all, it has been in the news for some years now and surely lenders have contacted everyone who was affected. But guess what? The compensation payments made so far are only the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of people who are unaware that they have a valid claim–and you could be one of them.

If you took out a mortgage with Halifax in the past, there is a good chance that you were mis-sold Halifax Mortgage PPI. You may not be aware of this, and that’s exactly why banks are now forced to compensate borrowers. PPI was often buried under a mountain of paperwork and added into your monthly repayments without your knowledge, and you are entitled to get that money back.

There are two types of Halifax Mortgage PPI. The most common package was the MPPI/MRI basic deal, which offers a simple level of repayment protection in the event of you not being able to make your repayments. Halifax also offered the Halifax Total Mortgage Protection Plan, which offered decreasing term assurance as well as critical illness and disability cover, up to a value of £400,000. Naturally, the TMPP package was more expensive than MPPI/MRI cover.

Selling any kind of insurance can only be done after a number of criteria have been met, including assessing the suitability of the insurance and making you aware of the cover provided and cost of premiums. Halifax Mortgage PPI, like many other types of PPI, often did not meet those criteria and therefore may have mis-sold it to you. This entitles you to compensation as you may not have received the correct insurance for your personal circumstances.
So don’t worry if it all happened a long time ago. Your claim is still valid and, like others who have already claimed, you may be in line to receive a payment of several thousands of pounds. It’s your money, so what are you waiting for?
Often, the one thing that stops people from pursuing a claim is the dread of having to sift through a mountain of paperwork to find evidence of your mis-sold PPI. It’s dull and confusing, and if you make a mistake in your claim then you may not receive everything you are entitled to.

That’s where we come in. At halifaxppiclaims, we specialise in making the process as painless as possible. We’ll talk to you, gather the information we need, and take care of everything else. We will deal with the banks and financial authorities, and win back all of the money you lost on your Halifax Mortgage PPI.  We will do this regardless of which type of PPI you were mis-sold; whether it was MPPI/MRI or the more expensive TMPP cover, we will fight your case and recover what was lost.

Don’t wait around. Contact us today. Your money is sitting there, waiting for you to reclaim it, so you are losing out for each day that you waste. With the professional, easy service we offer, you can have your money back in no time, with no stress. What will you spend it on? To speed fast track your claim by at least 2 weeks complete our safe and secure online halifax ppi claim form.

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