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Halifax Loan ppi Rejected

Has Your Halifax Loan PPI Claim Been Rejected?

If you took out a loan or mortgage – or even had a credit card – from the Halifax at any time in the last 20 years, it is very likely that you were mis-sold PPI. However, it is quite possible that you became aware of this and have already made a claim against the Halifax for the return of your money plus interest.

The question now is, was your Halifax loan PPI claim rejected? If it was, you probably believe that is the end of the matter, but in most instances that may be far from the truth. Much of the news in the press today about Halifax PPI claims concerns the very high number of them which are being rejected.

If you stop to think about it, the Halifax (along with all the other banks who have mis-sold PPI – which is most of them!) is not going to be jumping for joy at the thought of returning your money. In fact, the Halifax has been resorting to all sorts of underhand tricks to avoid repaying money that rightfully should be returned to its customers.

One such ruse has been simply to ignore customer’s claims in the hope that the customer will get tired and simply go away. Of course, if the customer does get tired and fails to pursue the matter, they have won – and without actually doing anything at all! If the matter happens to get raised again at a later date, they will simply claim that they never received any correspondence from you. By this time it may be too late to make a claim, as there is a time limit.

Another trick has been to claim that the customer never had PPI with their loan in the first place. Some of the banks have been doing this, even when the customer has proof that they did, in fact, pay PPI.

Further ruses have been to write back to you as the customer confirming that they have investigated the matter, but that you are not entitled to any compensation. Often, they will not say WHY they consider you are not entitled to it. If you have suffered Halifax loan PPI claim rejection this way there is every chance that you can still recover compensation.

Yet another sneaky and underhand trick has been to write to customers before they have even made a claim stating that they (the Halifax) understand that you may have been mis-sold PPI and that they are investigating the matter. They continue that they will write again when they have established if this is the case.

This gives customers who have not made a claim the impression that everything is going along smoothly and that the Halifax will pay out in due course.

In fact, nothing is happening at all. The Halifax has no intention of paying out if it can help it. What it is doing is trying to ensure that the customer does not make a claim before the time limit expires, so that it never has to pay out.

If you have had your Halifax Loan PPI claim rejected, don’t worry. There is a very good chance that here at Halifax PPI Claims we can still recover the money that is rightfully yours. Don’t worry about the cost, either, since we make absolutely no charge at all for taking up your case and fighting on your behalf. The only time we will ever ask for payment is when we have actually recovered your money for you, and even then it works out to only 18% of the total recovered, which is lower than any other PPI claim recovery company in the UK.

However, you do need to act quickly. Just click on the “Contact Us” link above and let us have your name, email, contact phone number and a brief message about your claim, and we will assign you a dedicated Claims Manager who will take care of everything for you.

Even if you have suffered Halifax loan PPI claim rejection and they have made you believe that you have no chance of compensation, it is still the case that we can very probably help you. Let’s face it, you have absolutely nothing to lose and you can only win. You could be looking forward to a very nice cheque a few weeks down the line. Click here to  fill in the form now, and we will get right back to you.

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