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Was I mis-sold-ppi from the Halifax?

Was I Mis-sold PPI from the Halifax?

If you have to ask yourself the question “Was I mis-sold PPI from the Halifax?” the short answer is that you most likely were mis-sold your PPI policy. Along with many other banks and building societies, the Halifax has been mis-selling PPI to customers taking out loans and mortgages since the early 1990’s – and probably longer.

The term “mis-sold PPI” is used to cover a wide variety of circumstances ranging from simply not pointing out that you did not have to buy the PPI – to telling you outright lies, for example telling you that you certainly DID have to buy the PPI or you wouldn’t get the loan.

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) is now a minefield. In some respects it is a good idea: if you took out a mortgage, but fell ill or had an accident and were unable to work and as a result lost your income, the payments would be met for you until you had recovered or went back to work. Similarly, the payments would be met if you were made redundant.

However, PPI was sold to people who were self-employed. If you are self-employed, by definition you cannot be made redundant. Certainly, you could close your business if it was failing, but the Halifax won’t cover you for that as they take the view that it is your problem if your business fails. However, when they wanted to make extra profits from you by selling you the insurance they didn’t bother telling you that.

In many instances, Halifax salesmen or women didn’t actually say that PPI was essential in order to get the loan, but implied or indicated that it was. They also made people feel uncomfortable if they refused to take the PPI. In other cases, sales people either said, or implied that the cost of the loan would be higher if you didn’t take the PPI.

Still other borrowers never knew they had taken out the PPI in the first place, hard though that may be to believe. When signing mortgage or loan papers the PPI box would have already been ticked without anyone saying that (a) you didn’t have to have it, or (b) explaining what it was, or (c) that it was an additional cost. Quite simply, the Halifax may well have sold you something that you didn’t know you were buying!

You may also have had sufficient cover through your work or from another policy which would mean that you didn’t need the PPI.

Then there are situations where you would be unable to claim on the PPI even if you were made redundant or had an accident. For instance, if you had a medical condition at the time of taking out the PPI this would normally prevent you from making any sort of claim in any case, so there would be no point in paying for the PPI.

There were also cases where the PPI cover ran out long before the term of the loan, so again you could find yourself unable to make a claim further down the line.

The Financial Services Authority worked to get compensation agreed for everyone affected by mis-sold PPI and won its court case in 2011.

However, don’t expect the Halifax to give in easily. As you may well imagine, they are not that keen on giving you back your money . In many cases, they have just ignored claims, hoping that customers will simply forget about the PPI premiums that they have paid.

The good news is that here at Halifax PPI Claims we can help you to recover the money that is rightfully yours, even if your Halifax PPI claim was refused or rejected.

However, when we take up a case for our clients they know that we mean business and we are not going to be put off easily. In fact, we have a success rate of 94%, so there is every chance we will recover your money for you. Not only that, on average we are successful within eight weeks of taking up a case, so you could be due for a very nice windfall in a very short space of time.

Furthermore, we charge you absolutely no fees at all until we have recovered your money, and even then our fees are the lowest in the PPI recovery claims industry in the UK. Even if you are not sure whether you have PPI or have been mis-sold it from the Halifax, we will investigate the matter for you without any charge whatsoever.

So if you have had any sort of loan or credit card from the Halifax in the last 20 years, or are asking yourself “Was I mis-sold PPI from the Halifax?” simply click on the “Contact Us” link above to set the wheels in motion. We will allocate you a dedicated account manager and get started on recovering your money immediately.

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